for macOS 10.13–10.15, 11–14 (High Sierra – Sonoma)
Eject disks from the menu bar
1 click from within any app
Visual notifications for ejected disks
Notification Center support
Minimal user interface - resides in the menu bar.
Disk Support - Ejects SD cards, flash drives, optical discs, disk images, and network volumes. Due to sandbox restrictions, some hard disk and SSD drives can’t be ejected using this application.
Simple - No need to switch to the Finder, no need to drag icons to the trash. It’s not 1984 any more.
Keyboard Control - Access with a global keyboard shortcut.
Dark Mode - Full support for Dark Mode.
Visual Notifications appear momentarily when a disk is successfully ejected. Optional Notification Center integration.
Auto Launch - Launch once, use it forever.
Retina - Fully enhanced for Retina displays.
Accessible - Full support for VoiceOver.
Multilingual - English, Français, Deutsch, 日本語
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